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Competitive Wrestling Ashley Wildcat vs Loren Blaine Ashley takes on Loren Blaine in a genuine, unscripted, competitive wrestling match. It's very rare to see Ashley or Loren lose a competitive match so it's no one sided match. They both give it their all and it's nearly six minutes before the first submission is recorded, via rear naked choke. There are three falls in total, with both Ashley and Loren displaying why they are elite grapplers.


Are you the ultimate Ashley Wildcat fan? Can't get enough of Ashley Wildcat and her sexy kittens? Follow Ashley as she dominates and defeats her male and female opponents/victims with her sexy, signature scissor holds, sleeper choke holds, facesitting, breast smothers, and more!

Access to 30+ rotating clips of amazing wrestling action and role-plays with three new clips each week! $24.95 per month. All videos are HD and can be streamed or downloaded.

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Being a member has it's advantages. Like access to Members Collections Clips with extra hot and intense themes. Custom sessions and videos with Ashley and her kittens at discounted rates. The Private collection Calendar, autographed photo of Ashley, Skype sessions, a birthday gift, discounted wrestling shows and more.


M e m B er

Format: MOV
dded: 04/19/15

Price: $8.99 USD Length: 10 minutes


Ashley and Gia Primo: Test of Strength Ashley faces off against the legendary Gia Primo! She's come back to Chicago, aka the breeding ground of badasses, to test the mettle of fellow Chicagoan Ashley Wildcat. Cuffed together at the wrist Gia taunts "Ready to get your ass kicked and face smothered in my tits?" and the battle is on! Ashley tries to use her longer reach to force Gia down, but Gia's experience and arm strength soon prove to be too much as she takes Ashley to the ground. Ashley tries to fight back using her legs to clamp Gia in scissors but it isn't enough as Gia pins her down, repeatedly choking, scissoring and mercilessly taunting Ashley. Gia finally ends the fight as she predicted, breast smothering Ashley out!

C l i P s

Ashley vs Sumiko Scissors Match Sumiko challenges Ashley to a five minute scissors only match; whoever has the most submissions wins! The match goes back and forth as each girl scores multiple submissions utilizing vicious head and bodyscissors! One girl takes a clear lead when suddenly her opponent gains the upper hand for a surprise knockout finish!

Size: 309 MB Format: MOV Category: SCISSORHOLD Added: 2/28/15 6:00pm

Price: $7.99 USD Length: 7 minutes


Ashley's Promotion Shauna Ryanne and Ashley are competing for a promotion to a new high paying office job. As Ashley gets ready for her interview Shauna springs out bragging about landing the promotion. She even taunts a distraught Ashley that she can be her secretary. Ashley thinks Shauna got the promotion based solely on her flirting with their co-workers and decides to take matters into her own hands. She pounces on Shauna and begins choking her then traps her in a deadly bodyscissor demanding Shauna relinquish the position. The girls tears each others shirts and skirts off leaving them in their underwear. Ashley holds the upper hand the whole way, even smothering Shauna with her own clothes as Ashley thoroughly dominates her rival!


Price: $7.99
Length: 12 minutes

Size: 807 MB Format: MOV
Updated: 06/11/15


Introducing Victoria Winter Victoria Winter makes her debut exclusively with Wildcat Wrestling! Ashley starts off with a quick interview then since it's Victoria's first time on the mats Ashley takes her through a wrestling tutorial. Victoria is a fast learner and to Ashley's surprise Victoria has incredibly strong scissors that will make her a formidable opponent. Growing ever confident,Victoria surprise attacks Ashley attempting to take her down for real!


Price: $7.99
Lengh 9 minutes

01/02/16 Category:


Ashley vs Sumiko: Strip Me Boxing Ashley Boxes Sumiko where the first to strip her opponent down to her lingerie then knock her down one final time wins! For each knock down the loser must remove an article of clothing. The match goes back and forth, with the feisty fighters pummeling each other, each losing her shirt and jeans. Soon Ashley and Sumiko are down to their lingerie where a single knock down will decide the victor! Can Ashley pull off a victory or will Sumiko put her down?

Price: $10.99
Length: 12 minutes



Ashley vs Cali Logan  Ashley takes on a topless Cali Logan in a wild wrestling match, first submission wins! Ashley may be bigger than Cali but "the little monkey" as Ashley calls her, proves to be a experienced wrestler who has no problems using her breasts to win. Grapevines, breast smothers, schoolgirl pins, scissors and choke holds rule a match featuring plenty of reversals. Cali and Ashley even trap each other in a dual reverse headscissors as they struggle across the match! Eventually one girl is forced to tap to a deadly figure four that leaves her gasping for air as the victor stands on her stomach and flexes!

Size: 585 MB Format MOV
Addded 04/20/15 06:44

Price: $8.99
Length: 10 minutes


Cali Logan / PHOTOS


On her last trip to Keri Spectrum's Ashley had her butt throughly kicked in a competitive match. She's been fuming over her loss for months and confronts Keri demanding a rematch with a twist: the loser will be spanked with a wooden spoon. Ashley grapples Keri to the floor within seconds and shoves her between her boobs. She transitions to a frontal headscissor followed by a figure four. Keri barely manages to put up a fight as Ashley's all over her with chokes and belly punches. Keri's stubborn and refuses to submit despite the beating Ashley doles out. Ashely eventually gets her to tap in a reverse headsicssor then forces Keri to bend over for some hard spankings that leaves her ass red!


Price: $10.99 Length: 10 minutes Updated:

Size: 340 MB Format: MOV Category: WRESTLING

Ashley's Revenge Keri Spanked


Competitive Wrestling: Betty Battles
vs Loren Blaine
Betty takes on Loren in a competitive submissions match. Betty and Loren give it there all as they roll across the mats, each grappler slapping on throat crushing chokes, tight head and bodyscissors, Both girls score submissions in a back and forth match that comes down to the final fall!

Price: $8.99
Length: 9 minutes

Size: 340 MB Format: MOV

Price: $8.99
Length: 10 minutes



Boxing with Ashley & Sin D In this fantasy boxing match Ashley and Sin D are supposed to have a light spar but things turn ugly quick. Sin D lands the first hit but it only ignites a fire in Ashley who mercilessly knocks Sin D around the mat even hitting her while she's down. Sin D decides to play dirty and headlocks Ashley, pounding away at her head and body. The match goes back and forth with multiple knockdowns and each girl has her turn to land some POV shots to the camera. By the end of the match their a decisive winner who holds the loser up against a wall pouring on the belly blows until she's officially KO'd!

Price: $ 8.99
Lengh 10 minutes



Pin Battle: Sin D vs Betty Battles Betty Battles wrestles Sin D to see who can gain the most pins in eight minutes. The bubbly warriors taunt and tease one another before Sin D finally grabs Betty, lifting her off her feet starting the contest. They can't stop laughing and giggling as the match is filled with illegal moves from toe biting to spanking and kicking. The match goes back and forth, even when the eight minutes are officially up, Sin D and Betty refuse to stop and continue grappling across the mat!

Price: $8.99
Length: 11 minutes


Price: $7.99 USD Length: 9 minutes


Ashley vs Kristie Etzold Semi Competitive The spunky Scarlett Rain is the newest member of the Wildcat family and despite her lack of wrestling experience she's determined to be a match for Ashley Wildcat. Ashley shows her a few basic moves before engaging in a seven minute semi competitive match. Ashley dominates initially but Scarlett proves to have some latent talent as she forces Ashley to submit near the end! Scarlett's sure to become a fierce competitor and you don't want to miss her debut exclusively at Wildcat Wrestling.


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Ashley Wildcat vs Sumiko Ashley Wildcat challenges Sumiko to a rematch! After some serious smack talk, Wildcat forces Sumiko to the ground where she quickly goes for a cross body pin. Hair is pulled as Sumiko takes her scissorhold. Ashley looks for a schoolgirl pin and then her own signature scissorhold. After a pin and submission go back and forth, Wildcat throws on a serious headlock and head scissors, almost choking Sumiko out! Will Ashley finish Sumiko with her signature move?
Or will Sumiko rally back??


Price: $10.99 Length: 11 minutes

Size: 450 MB Format: MOV

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